There’s Something Missing Here….

There’s Something Missing Here….

Imagine that you have a product or service, one which you believe has a global market.  Inexperienced in translation projects, you investigate translating the product brochure for distribution online.  You will find a range of companies, all focused on how and why their translation services are better.  But there’s something missing here....

The Missing Piece:  How will the translation get to the reader?  When a student translates for a teacher, there is no problem; when a legal document is translated, it's given to the party in interest.  But with mass communications, doing the translation is a small part of the total cost – the translations then have to be delivered to the readers. 

Traditionally, it took days of personnel time to get the translation to foreign‑language readers – whether customers or prospects. And with prospects, it was often impossible to know which language should be sent to whom.

The traditional way, before Consumer Translations, was to send multiple e‑mailings – one translation to each language group.  That was expensive and resource-intensive, and 3 languages took 3 times the effort.  As a result, many smaller language groups were not worth the resource investment.  Or translations were simply bypassed completely.

Something had to change.

Consumer Translations does it a new way:

  1. We provide hyperlinks for each translation, which are put at the top of your original document.  One click for French, a different click for Chinese, etc.
  2. If there are many languages involved, readers are linked to a language selection page where they simply click on the language they want.
  3. Using the hyperlink approach, we can now do all the steps necessary for your translation project:  both performing and delivering the translation. 
  4. We outsource the translation work to experienced, high-quality translation firms.  (Read more in our PARTNERSHIPS / Why Do We Oursource Our Translations? article on this website.)
  5. Since we don’t compete with translators, we outsource only to the best translation professionals – including your preferred translation provider
  6. Then we web-post all translations, create hyperlinks, and send them to you for display in your mailing.
  7. With hyperlinks and web-posting, you communicate with all your target markets in only one e-mailing. 

This is a new business process, with patent pending. It is offered nowhere else.  Any translation can use hyperlinks, of course, but our turnkey translation-and-distribution service is a new and revolutionary development.

It was always assumed that translators did translations, and clients did distribution. That’s no longer true - Consumer Translations does it all as a single, integrated project.

Now you can reach more readers in more languages, with significantly less effort on your own part.  No one on your staff is needed – you can enter the order yourself.  You can pick any language, and any number of languages.  We will get it done in a way that is easy for you to implement – and easy for your readers to access.

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